Pine Paper V2


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What can a user do on Pine? The Pine protocol serves two groups of users: lenders and borrowers. Lenders set up and fund their own lending pools for different NFT collections and set their own terms for loan offers. Borrowers can choose from these offers and borrow digital currencies against them using their NFT assets as collateral. Using the protocol is permissionless on both ends. As true believers in blockchain technology, we see a future where payment will be done in digital currencies and asset ownership will be represented by non fungible digital tokens (“NFT”). Our solution, the Pine Protocol, will be the smart contract infrastructure that will allow asset-back financing to be conducted more efficiently and transparently on the blockchains.
How is Pine different from other NFT Finance protocols? Check out the following Medium article that details the most important changes in Pine vs. other NFT Finance protocols:
What experience does the team have? The Pine team is composed of contributors with extensive experience and expertise in blockchain technology, digital assets exchange, quantitative trading, software development, e-commerce and traditional banking.
To find out more about the team check out the Team page.
Where can I find all the official links? Please refer to our How secure is the Pine Protocol? The smart contracts of the Pine Protocol have been audited by Quantstamp and Nassec, but most importantly our investors also performed their in-house audits to ensure they are investing into a secure project. Which chains are currently supported on Pine? Pine currently supports Ethereum & Polygon and are rapidly expanding to more chains, stay tuned! How can I connect with the team for questions or support? The best way would be to visit our Discord and opening a support ticket: