Pine Paper V2


Product Phases

V1 - Alpha (Jan 2022 - Mar 2022)

First functional version of Pine
  • End-to-end functional NFT-backed loan protocol
  • Web interface for borrowers

V2 - Beta (Mar 2022 - Current)

Enhanced features and lender's portal
  • Upgraded composability for core lending pool smart contracts which allows for features such as
    • Loan Rollover - allow borrowers to extend loans at the end of a term
    • Pine Now Pay Later - allow borrowers to buy NFTs with a Pine loan on open marketplaces
  • Web interface for lenders to open and manage their lending pools
  • Simple flat fee structure for Pine protocol fee

V3 - Public (Q4 2022)

Robust NFT-backed loan protocol and a two-sided NFT-backed loan marketplace
  • NFT-backed loan protocol that is efficient, scalable and fair for both lenders and borrowers during the entire loan cycle
  • Lending and borrowing positions wrapped into NFTs that are tradable on secondary markets
  • Support for custom NFT valuation oracles
  • More users features
    • Pine Listing - listing and selling of Pine loan collaterals on NFT marketplaces
    • Automatic loan repayment and rollover Full-fledge two-sided NFT-backed loan marketplace
  • Dynamic fee structure for Pine protocol fee


Jan 2022
Nassec Audit (v1)
v1 smart contract audit
Feb 2022
NFT-backed borrowing
Allows NFT holders to make permissionless loans in ETH
Mar 2022
Pine Now Pay Later
Allows buyers to PNPL on NFT marketplaces
May 2022
Quantstamp Audit (V2)
V2 smart contract audit
Jun 2022
Loan rollover
Allows loans to be extended on-chain
Aug 2022
Lender’s Portal
Allows anyone to set up lending pools
Sept 2022
Loan orderbook
Allows borrowers to browse and select from multiple pools when initiating and rolling over loans
Oct 2022
Pine Listing
Allows listing of collaterals for sale
Dec 2022
Auto roll-over
Allows borrowers to automatically rollover if LTV is below threshold
Q1 2023
Multi chain and currency support
Protocol extends to support multiple chains (Solana, BNBChain, AVAX, etc) and payout/repayment in more currencies (USDT, USDC, SOL, etc)
Q2 2023
Credit Marketplace
Allows lenders to buy and sell loan positions