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Curious to see Pine Protocol in action before trying it out?
Don't miss a beat with all of our tailored step-by step guides to steer you into the right direction.
At Pine we are constantly innovating and providing new features to make buying, borrowing, selling or lending not only easier, but also more flexible and fun making the Pine Platform the premium and most complete NFT-backed loan platform.
Borrowing Own an NFT? See how to get liquidity here by taking out a loan instantly in a permission-less way. 📜 Text Guide: Borrowing 📺 Video Guide:
Video Guide by our own Community Manager, EJ!
Lending Looking for yield for your digital assets? Or, if you are an NFT project founder, do you want to provide additional utility for your holders? Whatever reason you might have to become a lender, you will find all the details below.
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    NFTs 📜 Text Guide: Lending (NFTs) 📺 Video Guide: TBA
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    SFTs 📜 Text Guide: Lending (SFTs) 📺 Video Guide: TBA
Pine Now Pay Later Looking to buy a brand new NFT, but you're short on liquidity or prefer to reduce price risk by only paying a portion of the price up-front? Pine Now Pay Later makes it easy, letting you take out a loan instantly! 📜 Text Guide: Pine Now Pay Later 📺 Video Guide: TBA
Staking & Burning Looking to earn passive yield on your $PINE tokens? We support Staking & Burning! 💚
📜 Text Guide: Staking & Burning 📺 Video Guide: TBA
Governance Voting When staking and burning you automatically accumulate Pine Governance Units. As we are a fond believer of decentralization, we encourage everyone to participate in proposals and use your voting power for the greater good of Pine 🌲
📜 Text Guide: Governance Voting 📺 Video Guide: TBA
Also check out our General FAQs section or join our Discord to get support directly from the team at