Pine Paper V2

Pine Now Pay Later

🌲 Pine Protocol: Buy your new NFT through Pine Now Pay Later
If you have questions, trouble, suggestions etc. at any time, then we’ll be directly available in Discord to help you out:
⚠️ Always ensure that you’re on the right domains ⚠️ - -
We advise to bookmark the URL’s to prevent going into possible phishing websites that are using similar names 📗
💵 Low liquidity to buy that NFT? We got you!
👉 Head over to and select “Launch App”
👉 Or proceed directly to the app by following this link
👉 Head over to “Pine Now Pay Later”
👀 You will now be presented with this page:
👉 Search for any NFT collection that is supported on our Active Pools list on either OpenSea or LooksRare and copy the URL of your favorite NFT that is listed for SALE.
(If the supported NFT is not listed for SALE, the PNPL won’t be able to proceed)
👉 Paste the URL as follows & select Start to continue:
👀 You should now be presented with the valuation and terms of your NFT:
✅ By default the most favorable pool is selected for you to borrow against. However always explore multiple pool options to see if one exists that better meets your criteria:
👉 Select the amount you want to borrow to help purchase your NFT
👍 When you want to proceed ensure you approve the collection first if not done so yet
🦊 Approve the transaction when prompted
👀 You should see a pop-up that your transaction is processing on the blockchain
⏲️ And simply wait for it to be completed
👉 You may now proceed purchasing your NFT by selecting “Buy Now”:
🦊 Approve the transaction and wait for the magic to happen.
🎉 Congratulations! Once the loan is repaid the NFT will be transferred to your wallet!
👉 You can review your Open Loans at any time by proceeding to “Open Loans” or continue directly to
👉 You can review and pay off your Open Loan at any time:
👉 You can also choose to extend your loan by selecting “Extend Loan”.
👉 Here you will be presented with several options. Similar to selecting a pool when initially opening a loan, you can also browse multiple pools here and select one with conditions according to your criteria.
👉 Now select the New Borrow Amount and select Extend to execute
✅ And that’s it! Once you pay off your loan, the NFT will be under your full ownership.
❓ Be sure to check out our Lending FAQs page for more information or if you have any questions regarding our Borrowing feature.