Pine Paper V2

$PINE (Governance)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What was the Seed and TGE price of $PINE? The Seed price and TGE were both $0.20 per $PINE. For more detailed information and vesting terms, be sure to check out the Pine Token page.
What is the $PINE contract address?
What is $PINE, vePINE and sbPINE? There are 3 classes of the PINE token, namely PINE, vePINE, and sbPINE with the latter 2 being part of our staking and burning system. Check out the Pine Token page for detailed information and all benefits of holding them.
Can I stake $PINE? Definitely! Proceed to the following page and connect your wallet to start staking. Check out the Staking Guide for more information.
How much can I earn staking and burning $PINE? The current APY can be viewed and constantly updated on the following page: For more information and additional benefits be sure to check out the Pine Token page.
Why was Polygon selected to Stake and Burn $PINE tokens? To prevent high gas fees and support faster transactions, we selected Polygon for all staking and burning activities.


How can I participate in the PineDAO voting? To participate in proposals or even create your own one! Simply head over to or check out the guide here: Governance Voting