Pine Paper V2


What is Pine

Our Mission

Our mission at Pine is to build and facilitate the adoption of technology that will bring asset-backed financing on-chain.
As true believers in blockchain technology, we see a future where payment will be done in digital currencies and asset ownership will be represented by non fungible digital tokens (“NFT”). Our solution, the Pine Protocol, will be the smart contract infrastructure that will allow asset-back financing to be conducted more efficiently and transparently on the blockchains.
Our technology solutions will initially be built to cater to the early adopters of digital assets financial services, i.e. NFTfi, and be eventually extended to a wider set of traditional assets with adoption from traditional financial institutions.
The Pine team is composed of contributors with extensive experience and expertise in blockchain technology, digital assets exchange, quantitative trading, software development, e-commerce and traditional banking.

Our Ecosystem

  • PineDAO - Pine’s community-owned DAO, PineDAO, plays an active role as a liquidity provider and incubator within the NFT space, with the focus on driving the adoption of NFT technology and the development of NFTFi solutions
  • Pine Token - The Pine token is the ecosystem token for the Pine protocol and the PineDAO. It will be initially launched on ETH Mainnet and Polygon and it serves primarily as a transactional, utility and governance token

Our Solutions

  • Pine Protocol - non-custodial decentralized asset-backed lending protocol that allows borrowers to borrow fungible digital tokens from lenders using non-fungible tokens as collateral
  • Pine Platform - two-sided loan marketplace decentralized application that is essentially an interface for lenders and borrowers to interact with the Pine Protocol

Why Pine

Pine is decentralised
  • Non-custodial
    • Complete control over your assets
  • Permission-less
    • Complete control over your lending and borrowing actions

For Lenders

  • Earn yield on fungible digital assets
  • Acquire NFT assets at a discount
  • Segregated pool structure for better
    • market risk management
    • low compliance risk

For Borrowers

  • Instant permission-less loan with no back-and-forth needed with lenders
  • Multiple lenders to choose from to ensure competitive terms
  • Fixed term loans giving borrower peace of mind to not get liquidated easily
  • Flexibility to repay loan early or to extend loan via rollover
  • Mortgage-like features giving flexibility for buying and selling NFTs
Pine Protocol official links: https://linktr.ee/pineprotocol​