Pine Paper V2


🌲 Pine Protocol: Creating a new Lenders Pool
If you have questions, trouble, suggestions etc. at any time, then we’ll be directly available in Discord to help you out: discord.gg/pineprotocol
⚠️ Always ensure that you’re on the right domains ⚠️ - pine.loans - app.pine.loans
We advise to bookmark the URLs to prevent going into possible phishing websites that are using similar names 📗
🤿 Creating a Lenders Pool
1. We recommend creating a new wallet address for each individual pool
2. The total pool liquidity is always equal to the amount in your wallet
👉 Head over to https://pine.loans/ and select “Take Me There”:
or proceed directly to the app by following this URL: https://app.pine.loans/pools/
👉 Head over to “Lending” (beta) and select “Get Started”
🦊 You will be prompted to connect your MetaMask or Wallet Connect if not done so yet:
✅ Read through and “Accept” the Pine Termsof Service in order to continue.
👉 Proceed by selecting “Create your first pool” or “+ New pool”
👀 You will now be presented with the following page:
1️⃣ First we’ll want to select the NFT Collection for which we want open a pool for
🔍 Type and select the NFT Collection that is either located on OpenSea or LooksRare
✅ You will now see the selected NFT Collection displayed correctly
⚠️ (ensure the contract address matches the NFT Collection on OpenSea/LooksRare) ⚠️
2️⃣ Now we will select the Tenor length
3️⃣ Enter the desired Collateral Factor
4️⃣ Enter the desired Interest Rate
👉 Now that all details have been filled in, we can proceed by officially creating the pool
🦊 Approve the transaction and wait for the magic to happen
✅ You should now see your brand new pool listed under “Unpublished” 1. It’s in an unpublished state because at this point the Smart Contract for the new pool has not been approved yet (only the terms have been determined). 2. As long as it’s unpublished, the pool remains inactive and no loans can be taken out.
👉 Now we’ll proceed and Publish the Pool by selecting the Collection which will bring up the following page:
🦊 Proceed by selecting “Approve Collection” and confirming the transaction
✅ Now the Collection should be approved
🦊 Proceed by signing the transaction which will activate and publish your pool
🎉 Congratulations! You should now see your pool active and ready to be used under the Active Pools list: https://app.pine.loans/pools/
🤝 You can view your Open Loans that borrowers took out under Open Loans: https://experimental.pine.loans/lending/loans
Multi-Pool support 🤿 🤿 🤿 With the introduction of our Multi-Pool support, any lender is now able to create multiple loan options for any collection and even able to update existing ones.
👉 Let’s proceed to any current (un)published pool
✅ Once inside you should now be presented with the loan option initially created during the pool setup
👉 Let’s go ahead and create a new Loan Option
👀 You will be presented with the same term options as with creating a new pool:
👉 Enter the desired options for the Tenor, Collateral Factor and Interest Rate and let’s proceed to creating the new loan option:
🦊 Approve the transaction and wait for the magic to happen
✅ You will now see a 2nd loan option being available which borrowers can choose from at any time.
✅ Want to change or remove a loan option? Simply head over the desired loan option and change the Collateral Factor & Interest Rate and select Update or Delete.
🦊 Approve the transaction and wait for the magic to happen
✅ Borrowers who want to open a new loan or extend their current one will now be able to choose from different pools and pick the most favorable conditions according to their needs: